Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

BMA Investment Advisors Limited (Formerly BMA Asset Management Company Limited) offers Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) services to manage your investments. Whether you are an individual or institution, your portfolio can be tailored to your specific objective (risk and return) and constraints.

Invest in our SMA

SMAs, or separately managed accounts (SMA), are the most recent phase in the evolution of managed funds. These are professionally managed funds in which you directly own individual stocks, and/or fixed income/money market instruments rather than units in a pooled fund.

Higher Return

A significant benefit of SMAs is the potential for higher return due to the customised portfolio

Managed by Professionals

BMA SMA is a portfolio of assets managed by experienced and skilled portfolio managers.


You can benefit from personalized portfolios which are in accordance to your objective (risk and return).


Execution fees are often lower compared to other financial institutions, resulting in significant cost savings over time.


You can reach out to fund management team with swift response time to have insights on your portfolio and the overall outlook.

Real-time Transparency

You can view your portfolio investments online, through our SMA portal with various reporting features.

Advisory Mandates We Offer

Under license from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, BMA Investment Advisors Limited (Formerly BMA Asset Management Company Limited) delivers high-quality, personalized Portfolio Management and Advisory Solutions to institutional clients and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Our Investment Advisory Services includes the following:

● Discretionary Portfolio Advisory

Decisions of buy and sell in portfolios are taken by portfolio manager under the supervision of the Investment Committee from your investment account. The Fund Manager continually strives to provide better risk-adjusted returns to its customers while taking advantages of investment opportunities in the most efficient manner.

● Non-Discretionary Portfolio Advisory

Portfolio manager manages the fund in accordance with direction of the clients while suggesting placements according to the research and analysis of the professional team

Contact BMA Sales Representative

After a detailed discussion and analysis with our professionals you can make your investment in the mandate that suits your objectives.

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